Sofico innovation day inspires Australian fleets

sofico Innovation day

Australian fleet operators focused on operational efficiencies during an inaugural innovation day hosted by Sofico Services Australia, which included new ideas in finance.

The event was designed to look at a number of projects, including streamlined supplier payments and more competitive rates for repairs, maintenance and tyres.

Fleets operating more than 300,000 vehicles attended the event, which also saw Sofico share news of two strategic partnerships in the region.

The first is with the WEX Payment Gateway, a global leader in corporate payment solutions.

The new relationship with WEX allows the streamlining of fleet supplier payments using ‘virtual credit cards’ through Sofico’s Miles software platform.

Fleet operators were also introduced to a new initiative called AutoGuru, which connects fleets with a marketplace for repairs, maintenance and tyres to drive cost efficiencies across the vehicle fleet.

Together, AutoGuru and Sofico plan to transform fleet processes for searching, booking, authorising, rating and analysing services for repairs, maintenance and tyres in a new solution that is fully integrated within Miles.

The new initiative aims to bring the consumer retail model for repairs, maintenance and tyres into the corporate business world for the first time.

The innovation day also included a detailed look into how the Miles platform integrates with e-Document and e-Signature solution providers.

These relationships provide fast and secure document management and transactions, and a seamless digital interface between fleet operators and external parties.

As a result, some of the most complex manual and paper-dependent operations can become paperless and fully integrated with the latest technologies, all within the Miles platform.

Koen van Grimbergen, head of Sofico Services Australia, said: “Our inaugural innovation day was established to enhance our customers’ ability to do business using our Miles software platform by bringing together ideas and partners.

“This is a new concept, different from our traditional customer or technical forums and their focus on the Miles product suite. It introduced new partners, with fresh ways of thinking and opportunities for growth and change.

“The innovation day was a great success and warmly received by our fleet customers, with new relationships forged and valuable discussions surrounding these new ideas and how they will equip the industry to face the significant challenges ahead.”

Sofico Services Australia is a subsidiary of Sofico, the global supplier of mission critical software solutions for automotive financing, leasing and fleet companies. Its software is used by a broad range of major leasing companies throughout the world.

Sofico Services Australia was founded in 2002 and has 15 years’ experience and business expertise in the Australian automotive leasing and fleet management industry. It currently employs 40 people.

Pictured from left: Koen van Grimbergen, Sofico Services Australia, Eden Shirley, AutoGuru, Frank Morberger, WEX