Scotland hosts Fintech Fortnight to showcase national digital focus

Ingledew stephen

Businesses in Scotland are highlighting their key role in the digitalisation of the finance sector with the first Fintech Fortnight.

The event will run until September 28 and feature 23 events across Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, Falkirk and Fife.

The fintech sector is attracting millions of pounds worth of investment to Scotland and more than 50 fintech businesses, from start-ups to listed companies, are now based in the country.

Last year, Edinburgh and Glasgow were named in the top 10 of the best places in the UK to launch a start-up, in a survey compiled by Expert Market.

Stephen Ingledew, chief executive of FinTech Scotland, said: “Creating Fintech Fortnight with VisitScotland Business Events’ team broadens our collaboration and allows us to be even more inclusive by sharing the fintech opportunities more widely.

“We are focused on growing the Scottish fintech sector by attracting more innovation, a diversity of people, greater investment resulting in enhancing our reputation as a leading global fintech centre.”

VisitScotland is the country’s national tourism organisation. Rory Archibald, business development manager at its business events division, said: “Through these events we want to seize the opportunity to showcase Scotland’s fintech sector to the world. By doing this we hope it will act as a springboard to attract more business events into Scotland by showcasing this is the place to be for fintech.

“Scotland is already a significant figure in this sector but through this, and other collaborative efforts, its universities, government, businesses and entrepreneurs will come together to secure and grow its future.”

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