Bynx new mobility management platform “paves the way for the mobility landscape of the future”

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Bynx has released v12.8 of its fleet and mobility management platform (also called Bynx).

The new platform supports a number of important operational, legal and fiscal changes in various markets.

New features include:

  • new vehicle maintenance features for the popular Bynx Driver App;
  • faster customer counter reservations for Bynx rental clients;
  • the Bynx remarketing tool has a new user interface for the traders sales channel; and
  • customer notifications have been enhanced in the Client Portal.

Gary Jefferies, Bynx sales and marketing director (pictured above) explained: “Additionally, the HMRC is encouraging businesses to ‘make tax digital’ and submit electronic VAT returns, so Bynx now fully supports this.

“All customers using external funders will benefit from enhancements to the Bynx Third-Party funding element, which makes capturing funder supplier charges and invoices quicker, more accurate and efficient. The reporting capability within Bynx MI has been supplemented to enable greater data insight.”

Jefferies stressed that a new INSPECTION app allows customers to remotely create different types of vehicle and asset inspection reports and bring the details directly into Bynx where it can be made available throughout.

The app, which is currently only available to customers who use the Bynx platform, is a convenient tool for capturing data, such as handover reports, safety checks and return inspections.

However, Bynx users will find it familiar as it extends the capability of the company’s Web Inspection App and supports offline data capture when WiFi or comms networks are unavailable. In this case, reports are collected and saved into a ‘Inspections Pending List’ for later download.

The Bynx INSPECTION app is currently available for Android on Google Play.