Asset Finance Connect, Eurofinas and Leaseurope announce a monthly series of jointly run digital events for 2023


Leaseurope, Eurofinas and Asset Finance Connect will be running a series of digital events for 2023 which will focus on celebrating innovation and excellence in the auto and equipment finance industry throughout Europe.

“We are looking forward to working together with Asset Finance Connect on a series of digital events throughout the year, providing a unique opportunity for sharing expertise and insights from European industry leaders on key issues, managing changes, and prospects on the future of the industry. ” said Richard Knubben, Director General of Leaseurope & Eurofinas.

“In an age where we are all increasingly mindful of reducing carbon emissions, digital events offer a new way for the industry to interact with minimal impact on the environment. Digital will never replace the rich experience of meeting each other face to face at in-person conferences like the annual Eurofinas & Leaseurope convention in October, but it can supplement it with the opportunity for senior time-poor leasing executives and our community of members across 32 countries to interact without getting on a plane” said Edward Peck CEO of Asset Finance Connect.

Details of all of the events will be released shortly but we will start with a webcast+ featuring an interview with Bart Beckers, Chief Commercial Officer at Arval on 22nd February at 13h00 CET (UK 12h00 GMT) and with an interview with new CEO of DLL, Carlo Van Kemenade on 15th March. Details of an extended digital event in April, called an unconference, which will focus on ESG in both auto and asset finance, will be announced shortly.

The Eurofinas/Leaseurope/Asset Finance Connect events will feature an interview followed by a question-and-answer session which will take place in small moderated breakout groups. The full series of events is sponsored by Alfa, headline sponsor; Solifi platinum sponsor; and LTI Technology Solutions. The sessions will be run to an established format which encourages attendees to engage in the topics, helping to steer the interviewers by asking questions before, during and after each interview.

The digital series is seen as an opportunity to build a more inclusive community across all parts of Europe – with content which serves not just the needs of the larger leasing countries but also the needs of emerging markets. Organisations or individuals who would like to participate in these events are warmly encouraged to make contact with Asset Finance Connect CEO, Edward Peck by emailing him at