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Members of new European fleet association operate 400,000 vehicles

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Fleet operator associations from Austria, Germany and Switzerland have formed the new European Fleet and Mobility Association (EUFMA), whose combined membership operates nearly 400,000 vehicles.

The joint initiative of the German, Austrian and Swiss fleet and mobility associations (Bundesverband Fuhrparkmanagement (BVF), Fuhrparkverbandes Austria (FVA) and Schweizerischer Fahrzeugflottenbesitzer-Verband (SFFV), aims to represent the interests of fleet and mobility managers at a European level.

At the launch of the new association, leaders of the group urged other European national associations to join to represent the international nature of some of their fleet members.

The largest association in the EUFMA is the German BVF, which has around 400 members operating more than 200,000 vehicles.

The 300 members of the Swiss association run 100,000 vehicles, while the FVA’s members run 15,000 vehicles.

Marc-Oliver Prinzing, CEO of the BVF, said: “Many decisions that play a major role in operative tasks and legal framework conditions are today planned and decided at European level.”

Henning Heise, FVA chairman, added: “In this light, lobby representation on the European level obviously makes sense.”

EUFMA´s eventual goal is to act on behalf of all European fleets, with development plans beginning in the next few weeks.

Ralf Käser, board member of the SFFV, said: “It is above all important that we give the positions of the member companies of all affiliated associations a stronger, concentrated voice.”

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Pictured, from left to right: Markus Weidmann, Ralf Käser, and Anton Wyssen of SFFV; Bernd Kullmann, Axel Schäefer, and Marc-Oliver Prinzing of BVF; Michael Närr and Henning Heise of FVA.