FLA re-joins Leaseurope – again!

haddrill stephen
Stephen HaddrillFLA’s Director General

The Finance and Leasing Association (FLA) has re-joined Leaseurope, the European Federation representing the leasing and automotive rental industries.

The FLA, who was previously a member of the European association, left Leaseurope on 21st December 2021 following Brexit.

The FLA’s Director General, Stephen Haddrill, commented that: “we see significant value in closer collaboration with the European industry on issues, including Net Zero and technological developments, which go beyond the purview of EU regulators. The UK can learn lessons from other European markets and the reverse is true.”

Working together on a shared agenda, Leaseurope’s Director General Richard Knubben noted that he looks forward to learning from the FLA’s experience in the UK, where legislators are closely following developments in the EU, and vice versa.