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Will Chinese electric car manufacturers transform the UK BEV market?


Analysis from David Betteley, Asset Finance Connect head of content.

We have just published the summary and analysis of the keynote auto finance interview with GWM ORA UK’s Managing Director Toby Marshall, which took place at our June conference. You can read the conference review here

With an influx of Chinese EV brands entering the European and UK auto markets in 2023, Asset Finance Connect’s head of content David Betteley spoke to Toby Marshall about how these Chinese disruptors are seducing European car buyers with their low-cost, high-quality EVs and superior in-car technology.

With recent changes in the UK EV market creating headwinds for electric cars in an increasingly stable market, there is a need for more affordable European models to rival these emerging Chinese EV brands, which are seen as a threat to European automakers.

The key points raised during the auto finance conference session focused on:

  • China has the biggest electric car market in the world with a vast number of EV manufacturers
  • Disruptors from the Chinese market are transforming the European and UK car markets
  • Chinese BEVs are outperforming western brands with cheaper, high quality, technologically enhanced models
  • Chinese EV models are breaking down brand snobbery in Europe
  • Importance of the franchise model in the omni-channel sales approach adopted by Chinese brands in the UK, adding value and confidence as experts in EVs.

Following on from the conference discussion, we asked AFC’s head of content David Betteley to provide an analysis on the interview, and his thoughts on the conference session along with the summary of proceedings in full can be found here

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