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UK Clean Air Zones create new opportunities for fleet suppliers

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The arrival of Clean Air Zones in the UK will create new opportunities for fleet suppliers as demand for newer, cleaner vehicles and expert advice grows among vehicle operators.

Clean Air Zones (CAZ) are being introduced by cities throughout the UK in a bid to meet emissions targets and improve air quality. They can restrict access to cities or introduce a charge for vehicles that exceed certain emissions limits.

Most recently Birmingham, the UK’s second largest city with nearly 1 million inhabitants, received approval for a CAZ to start from next year, which will impose a charge of £8 for cars or vans and £50 for HGVs, coaches and buses if they exceed emission restrictions.

The government has allocated £38 million to support businesses and individuals with the transition to the new scheme.

From next month, London’s Ultra-low Emission Zone will impose a charge of £12.50 a day on vans that don’t meet its new emission standard, which affects tens of thousands of vehicles. For lorries, coaches and other large vehicles, the charge is £100 a day.

As the charges don’t apply to the newest, cleanest vehicles, there is an incentive for operators to renew their fleet vehicles to minimise costs or invest in aftermarket emissions reduction technology.

This creates two opportunities for asset finance suppliers; firstly, through the potential to engage more closely with current and potential customers by sharing advice and insight on the zones; and secondly by providing support and finance to enable companies to renew their vehicles in the most cost-effective way.

Fleet suppliers can receive expert guidance on the latest Clean Air Zone developments at the International Asset Finance Network Consumer and Business Auto Finance Regulatory Forum 2019, which is taking place in London on April 4.

At the event, the Energy Saving Trust’s Luke Redfern (pictured) will provide in-depth guidance on the latest developments relating to Clean Air Zones and how their introduction could affect fleet suppliers.

Other fleet experts speaking at the event include:

  • Jo Davis, partner, Locke Lord
  • Steve Cocks, director of the broking division at Lex Autolease
  • Leanne Christmas, head of compliance, Alphabet
  • David Watts, senior consultant at Arval
  • Dan Rees, associate director, head of cars and fleet consulting, Deloitte
  • Caroline Sandall, deputy chair, ACFO

In addition to expert speakers, there will also be a panel discussion on other issues affecting the market and the chance to network with industry colleagues to review the future challenges ahead.

The day also includes presentations on the auto finance market and the vital role car dealers and brokers will play in developing profitable and compliant services.

For details of the IAFN Consumer and Business Auto Finance Regulatory Forum 2019, visit or to book a ticket:


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