Uber partners with to reward drivers with payment discounts

painter scott 400

Uber Technologies has expanded its rewards programme for US drivers so they can earn up to $40 a month in credits to redeem against vehicle payments.

Drivers can increase their Fair credit based on their Uber Pro tier: partner, gold, platinum and diamond.

Gold equates to $10 in Fair Credits, Platinum is $20 and Diamond is $40.

In order to qualify for Uber Pro, drivers must maintain a rating of 4.85 or above.

Fair is a used car finance app that connects customers with dealers’ approved used car stock online. Customers can search for stock, apply for finance and pay for vehicles through the app.

When vehicles are no longer needed, they can be handed back without any penalties.

Scott Painter, Fair founder and chief executive, said: “Fair and Uber are committed to providing drivers from all walks of life the ability to choose a flexible vehicle solution.

“Uber Pro recognizes drivers for their commitment and quality, and we’re excited to bring Fair into the program’s unique set of rewards.”

The new Uber Pro incentive is in addition to Uber Rewards for drivers where they can earn additional credits by completing a certain number of trips in an allotted time frame.

These rewards can be used to cover the cost of drivers car payments to Fair. Rewards vary by location, but in Los Angeles 90 trips would equate to $150 and 125 would equate to $210.