Transforming Financial and Operational Control in the Asset Finance Industry

Transforming Financial and Operational Control in the Asset Finance Industry
How to maintain an efficient and cost effective controls environment during a business up-turn


Asset finance and instalment credit markets in many countries are about to enter into a period of expansion, with the UK and some others already experiencing rapid growth.

Finance companies seeking to dominate in this business up-turn need to assess their systems readiness so that they will be able to manage the growth effectively when it comes. Alongside the expansion of CRM, point-of-sale and front end systems that help to drive growth, many organisations are assessing their back office capability. Many need to decide whether they need to invest in new, more efficient, operating platforms that are better suited to handling higher business volumes. However replacement projects typically have long delivery timescales and are fraught with operational risk.

Rather than requiring a “rip out and replace” of existing systems, this paper shows how intelligent use of financial data management and reconciliation software, used in conjunction with existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, line of business systems and other
software platforms, can provide the necessary control and governance processes, accounting and reporting to manage the business up-turn quickly and cost-effectively. These control software systems provide an alternative that does not require the upheaval of full system replacement.

Contents of this paper includes:
  • Analysis of the gap in traditional controls
  • The alternative treatment provided by AutoRek, and other financial data management and reconciliation software
  • Analysis of business savings achieved from implementation of AutoRek
  • Case studies of implementations with an auto finance captive and an asset finance division of a bank.

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