Total mobility: the road to success



    Total mobility: the road to success

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  • The mobility landscape across Europe is changing. Growing populations are increasing demands on an already constrained transport infrastructure that also has to cope with the changing needs of an ageing demographic.
  • For a legacy infrastructure to adapt in order to provide an effective, intelligent mobility system, the public and private sectors are going to have to accept a major shift in the way they operate..
  • Old models of vehicle ownership and traditional travel habits cannot keep up with emerging requirements for seamless, integrated travel options. Individuals, funders, and organizations need to embrace the new concept of “total” or “intelligent” mobility, which involves making greater use of technology, to create a new approach offering more choice and greater flexibility about how people get around.
  • The largest area of activity is in the technology sector with a number of initiatives currently taking place by a range of suppliers, including so-called driverless cars, automated parking of vehicles, and combined “mobility card” travel ticketing.
  • While the intelligent mobility market is still at an embryonic stage, little has been heard from the asset finance sector about its involvement in this new concept. 

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