Tembici to roll out AI-powered bike sharing across Latin America


Bicycle sharing specialist Tembici has announced plans to broaden its Latin American business using an artificial intelligence (AI) platform.

It will use a cloud-based software system to obtain immediate feedback on bike share operations.

The system observes trends in the way shared bicycles are used in urban areas and analyses factors including weather conditions, seasons, events, holidays and public transport closures in order to support management decision-making by delivering in-depth insights.

The systems will initially be deployed in the Brazilian cities of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Recife, Salvador, Port Alegre and Vila Velha, followed by the Chilean capital Santiago and Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires, covering a total of around 16,000 bicycles.

Tembici is based in Brazil and is one of the largest bike-sharing specialists in the region.

The company has employed the services of mobility and logistics technology specialist Stage Intelligence to establish its Bico AI system in South American cities.

The Bico system has also been introduced in cities including Paris, Helsinki and Chicago.

Tembici chief operating officer Mauricio Villar said: “The Bico AI optimization platform delivers a benefit to our operations that enables us to keep providing an exceptional service to riders, and at the same time save costs.

“We have seen the power of the platform in our trials and we believe Bico has tremendous potential for our schemes. [It] has been proven to reduce the number of trucks required for redistribution, which reduces CO2 emissions while also getting more people on bikes and enjoying cycling in our cities. It is a win-win for citizens and urban areas.”