Sword Apak invited to become one of CAP Automotive’s select Accredited Partners

tudor ian

Sword Apak has been invited to join the CAP Automotive’s Accredited Partner scheme

Sword Apak’s credentials as a “high quality, innovative operator in automotive finance” qualifies the business to be one of only a handful in the sector appointed to CAP Accredited Partner status.

CAP has set a corporate policy of recognizing the contribution of its key business partners with its unique CAP Accredited Partner scheme.

A CAP spokesman explained: “For a long period of time we have had the pleasure of working with over 100 third parties across the entire automotive industry, developing long-standing working relationships with these companies.

“The new CAP Accredited Partner scheme enables us to give something back. After all, it is the innovations of CAP’s key partners – suppliers, system providers and re-sellers – that have amplified the value of our data and the CAP Code that links all our data sets.”

Founded in 1979, CAP is a premier provider of benchmark current and future pricing information, together with technical data, to business and consumers.  CAP underpins business systems throughout the motor retail, fleet, finance and insurance sectors.

Sword Apak (also founded in 1979) is a market leader with a wide breadth of knowledge and expertise across the automotive industry. Its expert team have developed its leading Wholesale Finance Floorplanning System (WFS) which fully integrates with CAP’s vehicle valuation data to provide Sword Apak’s clients with accurate, real time information on the trade price of used vehicles.

The partnership is highly beneficial to each company; and is designed to help strengthen the relationship between Sword Apak and CAP to benefit the companies’ mutual clients.

Ian Tudor, senior account manager, Sword Apak (pictured) said: “The interface management layer of WFS allows for easy integration to third party data sources and plays an important role in streamlining the wholesale funding process.

“The integration with CAP enhances WFS Asset Valuation module for the UK and is used to manage the risk of overfunding across a variety of different asset types.”

Jon Sheard, CAP’s Third Party relationship manager, added: “Sword Apak is exactly the kind of business for which we designed the CAP Accredited Partner scheme.  An intelligent, innovative and seamless application of CAP data by our partners is key to our success and that of all our customers. Sword Apak is one of the best players in its field and we are delighted to award them accredited status.”

For more information on the Sword Apak’s Wholesale Finance Floorplanning System see: