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STAR Asset Finance Group announces partnership with The Law Society

slapa Paul 400

STAR Asset Finance Group has forged a collaboration with The Law Society, to offer their financial services to Law Society members across the UK under their STAR Professions division.

STAR Asset Finance Group Commercial Director Paul Slapa (pictured above) said of the partnership: “The STAR Asset Finance Group are delighted to be working with The Law Society to assist their members with all their funding needs. We have ringfenced £50million to lend to law firms as a show of our commitment to supporting the industry.

“Our team has an in-depth knowledge of the legal sector, and as a lender AND broker, unlike pure brokers, we can tailor solutions to the real needs of Law firms, whilst still having access to a huge range of funders through our own broker channels. We can get to the best solution, every time.”

From short-term working capital solutions to help with recurring liabilities such as tax, VAT and insurance payments, to helping with broader working capital needs, practice development and investment costs, equipment and technology upgrades, and even share/equity purchase and acquisitions – STAR Professions has access to the most suitable financial options across the whole market.

STAR Professions launched in 2022, serving the funding needs of solicitors, barristers, architects, vets, dentists and medical practitioners, headed up by Jonathan Pearson. Jonathan has spent nearly 15 years providing funding to law firms, and has a wealth of experience in financial services.