Smartphones play increasing role in vehicle disposal process

Hodson neil

UK auction firm Aston Barclay has reported 50% of its web traffic now comes from mobile phone users.

At the heart of this traffic is the growing number of customers who use the company’s new buyer app to identify used stock across its auction network.

The auction firm also reported that 13% of online bids now come from mobile sources and in some cases users are bidding using the app in the auction hall to avoid detection from rival buyers.

Neil Hodson, Aston Barclay’s CEO, said: “Our mobile vision was to replicate the success of the Uber app, which makes it quick and easy for a customer to connect with a car.

“Amazon’s ability to suggest products to consumers live online has provided inspiration for our next app release where we will push stock to a buyer’s phone based on our knowledge of their historic buying habits.”

He added that geo-location technology also enables the company to connect with a buyer when they arrive at an auction and automatically update them on relevant stock in that day’s auction.

Hodson said: “It’s all about using our data in a different and more intelligent way.”