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Novuna Business Finance delivers strong results

Geoff MalehamManaging Director at Novuna Business Finance

Novuna Business Finance, which specialises in providing asset finance solutions for SMEs and larger corporations across the UK, achieved pre-tax profits of £23.4m, up 5.9% from the previous year whilst absorbing a £29.2m increase in funding costs following 12 months of unprecedented rate rises.

The results contributed to the overall Group pre-tax profits of £126m.  

Novuna Business Finance, which provides asset finance, stocking, block discounting and sustainable project finance solutions for business, achieved a £27.1m increase in net earning assets, totalling £1.8 billion this year, retaining its standing as the largest non-bank asset finance provider in the UK. 

Margin pressure continued to dominate, with funding costs increasing by 80% from £36.4m the previous financial year to £65.6m in FY23/24.  Against this backdrop, the business maintained its operating costs in line with the previous 12 months, whilst significantly improving the quality of its portfolio, reducing bad debt by over £3m.

These measures, alongside pricing adjustments on new business, delivered a 23.1% increase in revenue levels, generating an additional £25.8m of revenue to achieve £860m in total new business volumes.  

Novuna Business Finance’s emerging project finance channel, achieved over £100m of new facilities with a clear focus on supporting energy storage and infrastructure projects through tailored financing. This channel has become the fastest-growing route to market for the division, supporting Mitsubishi HC Capital UK PLC’s aspirations for 20% of Group assets to be directly connected to climate action and affordable clean energy by March 2025.  

Novuna Business Finance’s direct routes to market, providing larger sized transactions and credit lines to businesses, continued to attract new UK business customers with an 20% increase in business volumes in FY23/24. 

The manufacturer and dealer channel saw excellent growth, with a 21% increase in the stocking portfolio and 6% growth in the B2B finance new business volume. 

The long-established broker channel reached £422m of new business volume in FY23/24 and remains Novuna Business Finance’s largest route to market. 

Novuna Business Finance continued to enhance its support for customers, making significant investments in Mercury, its customer application and management portal for introducers. The digital portal with quick quotes enables introducers to manage the full lifecycle of their application delivering, faster underwriting processes for businesses. 

Geoff Maleham, Managing Director at Novuna Business Finance, said: “Despite grappling with a turbulent trading period with unprecedented margin pressures, our business has demonstrated its resilience by maintaining a low-cost base and successfully leveraging our diversified portfolio with three distinct routes to market.  

“We achieved rapid growth in the project finance channel, a testament to the division’s efforts to become the go-to provider in the sustainability space.  

“Through our commitment to streamlining processes to improve the customer journey, we continue attracting new manufacturers and dealers whilst showing strong customer retention, ensuring we remain one of the industry’s leading asset finance providers. Our business is well placed to achieve sustained growth as the economic recovery gathers pace in the year ahead.”  

Strong portfolio quality drives growth at Mitsubishi HC Capital UK PLC 

At Group level, Mitsubishi HC Capital UK PLC, pre-tax profit reached £126m in FY 2023/24. Accounting for a one-time gain in FY 2022/23 related to the Group’s investment in GRIDSERVE, pre-tax profits rose by 8% year on year2. New business volumes increased 1% to £4.5bn, as the Group navigated challenging economic conditions which impacted consumers, SMEs and corporate clients.  

The Group’s commercial and customer facing business divisions prioritised rigorous credit underwriting, continuous improvements to affordability assessments and enhanced customer servicing to build a sustainable platform for growth. These investments saw Novuna maintain its track record for low bad debt, achieving a ratio of just 0.30% for the year despite economic headwinds. 

 Robert Gordon, CEO of Mitsubishi HC Capital UK PLC, said: “Despite a difficult trading environment, it’s been an exceptional year for Mitsubishi HC Capital UK PLC. Our commitment to delivering for our customers is demonstrated by the increase in new business to record levels, and our ability to grow and retain our existing customer base, against a background of high interest rates and prolonged instability. 

“At the heart of our success is our commitment to invest in our people and the technology to support our customers. Building long-term sustainable relationships that can withstand challenging market environments, whilst maintaining a high-quality portfolio.” 

Mitsubishi HC Capital UK PLC’s full annual report for FY 23/24 can be found at: