New company car driver satisfaction tracker launched

skelhorn andrew

APD Global Research has launched a definitive ‘live’ tracker of UK business driver satisfaction which includes franchised dealers and independent service networks.

Tracker data will be compiled from driver feedback collected from APD’s Voice 360 programmes, which are currently in use with vehicle leasing and fleet management companies and major brokers.

Aggregated data from more than 360,000 drivers will track satisfaction throughout the ownership cycle, from vehicle order to end of contract collection.

The tracker is intended to provide a vital reference point for leasing companies to benchmark the performance of service suppliers.

Overall trends are updated monthly on APD’s website, with detailed reporting of the performance of franchised dealer and independent networks.

Initial findings point to improvements in driver satisfaction, driven by faster, more accurate communication between leasing companies and their third-party supplier networks when arranging delivery dates and routine servicing and repairs.

Other positive trends include a more customer-centric approach when asking drivers for feedback thanks to improvements in service supplier feedback programmes.

Andrew Skelhorn, head of research at APD Global Research, said: “We believe our analysis offers a different perspective to tracking ownership cycles and will enable leasing suppliers to gauge the true performance of each stage of the supply chain.”