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New Arval UK CEO set to reveal transformational changes to consumer mobility in keynote fleet speech at IAFN Conference and Awards

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Miguel Cabaca, the new CEO of Arval UK is to present Fleet re-invented: driving mobility for consumers and businesses to an audience of up to 500 delegates at the IAFN Conference and Awards in London on 13 September 2018.

This is a wide ranging presentation designed to will consider how to make sense of – and how to thrive in – the changing environment in which fleet companies are operating. It considers the roles each channel is playing, whilst assessing the future for dealers, brokers, manufacturers and for dealing direct with customers online.

Cabaca will particularly focus on the emergence of consumers as customers of fleet companies. The British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) quarterly leasing survey figures suggest the reason for this trend.

The BVRLA found that back in Q1 2015 that one in 10 10% of the cars in members’ fleets were financed using personal contract hire (PCH). In the same period in 2018, PCH accounted for one in five 20% of members’ fleetscars. In fact sales of consumer operating leases have accounted for much of the growth in the UK car fleet over this three-year period. Salary sacrifice, although much smaller, has also grown within the same time frame.

We have also seen the emergence of fleet companies dealing direct with consumers via websitesover the internet. This In May, LeasePlan announced plans to maximise value from their ex-lease cars by selling direct to consumers via their online sales platform known as The cars are delivered to consumers via a network of delivery stores where customers can take test-drives.

Cabaca will argue that the fleet companies that will thrive in this new market will be those who manage the shift from B2B alone to both B2B and B2C. This will entail organisational transformation – and inevitably an upgrade in the supporting technology, from car-delivery right through to the in-life management and disposal of the contractcar.

This is an important presentation – and best listened to in conjunction with the BMW’s presentation on mobility.

The removal of traditional barriers between types of businesses is a well-known feature of technology-driven change.

When IAFN first looked at mobility was first considered in IAFN way back in 2014, it seemed that it would be a B2B offering which fleet companies were already well placed to deliver. Yet at the Autumn 2018 conference we will be considering mobility as a transformational opportunity for OEMs – significant enough to entail the rebranding of Daimler Financial Services as Daimler Mobility.

And in this fleet presentation we will be considering the transformation that which fleet companies need to make in order to as they seek to meet the needs of consumers.

The process of digitalisation for auto finance companies is in part about understanding and defining one’s changing role in the emerging mobility digital ecosystem. The evidence is that these two leading businesses – Arval and BMW – are doing just that. And the results are both surprising and difficult to ignore.

Make sure you hear what they have to say! Book your ticket using the form below before August 13 – when the early bird pricing comes to an end.


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