New acting head of Nordea Finance appointed as Jukka Salonen moves to head bank’s Simplification Unit

salonen jukka

After 15 years at Nordea Finance Jukka Salonen is to take up a new position in the Nordea Group heading the Group Simplification unit with the title of chief operating officer.

He will be reporting to Group CEO Christian Clausen and. Group Simplification aims to be at the centre of transforming the Nordea Group for the future.

Salonen told Asset Finance International: “Seeing the big transformation going on in the financial sector I am excited to be able to contribute to the success of the whole Nordea.

“I am extremely satisfied with the great work we are doing at Nordea Finance. We have a strong customer base and we have grown from number 18 to number seven in the Leaseurope ranking during the last seven years.”

He added: “Nordea Finance is in great shape and investing in the future, developing processes and products by building new platforms. That is why I feel comfortable taking up the new position.

“I am also satisfied with the way the leasing industry has developed its foothold.  With eight years on the Leaseurope Board, twice as chairman, I have had the opportunity to be close to the heart of the industry and been able to impact the direction of our industry. I will continue to chair Leaseurope until the end of October.”

Sjur Loen, Head of Nordea Finance Norway, will be acting Head of Nordea Finance and the recruitment process for a new CEO of Nordea Finance will start soon.