NETSOL and WRLD unveil new COVID-aware smart workplace platform

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Global services and enterprise application solutions provider, NETSOL Technologies, has partnered with 3D mapping technology company, WRLD, to create a smart workplace solution that ensures standard operating procedures are enforced, enabling the safe return to work for its customers’ employees.

The NXT platform leverages the Internet of Things, 3D mapping and gamification to offer communication and virtual interaction for those continuing to work remotely. For those employees returning to the workplace, the platform ensures they follow strict safety protocols such as contact tracing, wellness checks and social distancing while in the office.

Faisal Bhatti, global human capital management officer at NETSOL, explained: “The global pandemic has radically transformed the modern working environment and has made every company’s responsibility to their employees’ health and safety even more clear. Our collaboration with WRLD to transition our global operations to a work-from-home hybridization helped to inform the NXT product.”

The NXT platform has been successfully implemented at NETSOL offices and is available as a fully-scalable software application.

Key features of the workplace platform include:

  • 3D real-time “digital twin” of office space;
  • Real-time COVID-radius display, ensuring six-foot distances are being maintained;
  • Integration and visualization with Internet of Things sensors for occupancy and footfall management, temperature, air quality, and sensors;
  • Building and work-from-home check-in capabilities via mobile app;
  • Virtual reality/augmented reality telepresence capabilities;
  • Online meeting room booking, workspace allocation and safe distance occupancy management;
  • Employee health and wellness standard operation procedures and temperature check-ins;
  • Real-time productivity management systems: GitHub, JIRA and Microsoft Teams;
  • Turn-by-turn mapping for navigation and interior wayfinding;
  • Security systems and real-time video feed of office space.

Bhatti continued: “We believe its applications will be beneficial to any organization looking to meet today’s unique challenges both during and post-pandemic. NXT has enabled our company to establish and enforce robust standard operating procedures to bring employees back to work in an efficient and socially distant manner, while simultaneously keeping in contact with employees’ productivity on and off-campus.”

Founded in 1995, NETSOL provides a range of IT and enterprise software solutions to the global leasing and finance industry, working with 200 partners across the globe to power retail and wholesale finance and leasing operations. The company currently has more than $200 billion assets managed globally, 300+ successful implementations and 25,000+ users globally.

Able to interface with an organization’s HR and building management as well as its Internet of Things, productivity and wellness systems, the platform creates a “digital twin” of the office space and provides real-time workplace intelligence.

According to NETSOL, the platform utilises indoor positioning and occupancy sensors to help employees to assign workspaces and book meetings in real-time while socially distancing within the office.

Iain Bethune (pictured above), head of software development at WRLD, added: “Our initial implementations at NETSOL’s headquarters and at a leading financial and media company headquartered in New York have allowed us to prove out our technology as well as establish market readiness for our state-of-the-art platform, NXT. We look forward to continuing our work with NETSOL to help other companies bring their employees back to the office and assure them it can be done safely and efficiently.”

The platform makes use of WRLD’s rapid indoor map creations capabilities that enable the implementation time to be limited to 30 days with full customer-specific integrations, deployment and installation within 60 days.

Furthermore, WRLD has implemented a flexible pricing model based on either on square footage per year or monthly active users, offering entry-level pricing for SMEs as well.

The WRLD platform provides users with a variety of tools and services to build interactive, location-aware experiences for web, mobile, and virtual/augmented reality. With custom built map design tools and cross-platform software development kits, users can create responsive and engaging apps.