MotoNovo Finance revamps customer experience with omnichannel solution

rowthorn chris

MotoNovo Finance has partnered with Intelligent Environments, the international provider of innovative financial services technology, to launch an updated customer experience.

The service provides a complete digital, omnichannel, self-service solution for customers who are increasingly ‘digital-first’.

Chris Rowthorn, chief operating officer of MotoNovo Finance, said: “Finance volumes have doubled over the last five years. At the same time, past perceptions of dealer finance have changed as consumer understanding of the wider flexibility, convenience and affordability of dealer finance has improved.

“A big driver in this change has been technology; increasingly consumers are able to access and control their own finance journey.”

MotoNovo Finance worked with Intelligent Environments and Equiniti Pancredit to set up a fully secure self-service portal through which customers can log into their accounts and carry out tasks that previously required them to contact the call centre.

Launched in early 2017, customers now having the flexibility to manage and access their information at any time, from any device.

At the same time, digitising payments has also helped reduce the likelihood of missed payments and allowed MotoNovo Finance to make more effective use of its call centre staff, in turn reducing costs.

Additionally, customers benefit from an enhanced digital customer journey as the integration links allow for real-time updates, pulling agreement details up instantly and allowing customers to post immediate payments into their accounts.

The user interface of the portal was designed to be simple, intuitive, low friction and configurable, the company says.

Rowthorn added: “By harnessing the power of Intelligent Environments’ portal, consumers now receive a best of breed servicing from this partnership. This portal will put us in the best position to grow our customer base, proving that we are the easiest-to-use vehicle finance product on the market.”

Jerry Mulle, sales and marketing director at Intelligent Environments, said: “Consumers have long been demanding digital innovation in the vehicle finance sector.

“Previous research from Intelligent Environments has shown that more than half of British consumers would like to manage their vehicle finance online but only a quarter of providers have digitised consumer loan originations.

“We are proud to have had the opportunity to work with such a forward-thinking and innovative business as MotoNovo Finance, and the success of the project speaks volumes of both the vision and expertise of this partnership.”

MotoNovo Finance has offered a wide range of products and services designed to help consumers purchase their next car, van, or motorbike for more than 40 years.