Linedata launches new version of its lending and leasing solution

stuart raegan

Global technology solutions and services company Linedata has launched a new version of its lending and leasing solution Linedata Capitalstream.

Changes include a new, more intuitive interface and new services to manage real estate due diligence.

Development was based on input from a panel of end-users.

As part of the update, users can now order and manage real estate services within Linedata Capitalstream using ExactBid’s RIMS.

Linedata has also introduced an integration with Hyland OnBase, an enterprise information platform for content management, allowing financial institutions to store, search and retrieve documents generated by Capitalstream.

Raegan Stuart, Linedata’s executive vice-president, head of lending and leasing for North America, said: “The success of our customers continues to be our primary focus. For our Linedata Capitalstream 11.0 release, we worked closely with several clients to ensure it was well aligned with business needs.”

Linedata had revenues of €179 million in 2017 from 700 clients in 50 countries.