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Leasing Legends – Arnaldo Rodriguez, CSI Leasing – Part 1: Building a global brand

rodriguez arnaldo

Global commercial equipment finance expert Bob Rinaldi has launched a series of video interviews – called Leasing Legends – engaging with some of the key influencers in the finance industry. In the first of a series of discussions with Arnaldo Rodriguez, president of CSI Leasing, he discusses the complex route to building a global brand.

CSI Leasing is one of the largest independent equipment leasing specialists in the world, with customers in more than 36 countries.

Established in 1972 and headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, it has grown to more than 70 offices around the world with over 1,000 employees.

For its president, Arnaldo Rodriguez (pictured), the key to success is seeing the opportunities presented in every problem, so that business adapts to maintain growth in a changing leasing landscape.

This has been his approach since his first years in the leasing market, when his response to a currency crisis in Mexico sowed the seeds of his international success.

Industry expert and entrepreneur Bob Rinaldi, who carried out the interview, said: “One of the objectives of Leasing Avenues is to record video interviews with fascinating people in our industry that through sheer force of will, passion, and intellect defied the status quo and created something new.

“Arnaldo Rodriguez is one of those people. He exponentially expanded the concept of FMV leasing into Mexico and throughout almost all of Latin America. Every time Arnaldo has an issue or there’s a problem, he always sees the opportunity.”

You can see part 1 of the interview below, or view other Leasing Legends videos by visiting the interview hub.

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