Julian Hodge selects Sword Apak’s Aurius system

elliott mark

UK-based Julian Hodge Bank has selected Sword Apak’s core banking system, Aurius, as it further expands its service offering.

Formed in 1987, Julian Hodge Bank (JHB) is an independent family-controlled company, established by Sir Julian Hodge, founder of Chartered Trust and Bank of Wales. The bank has a strong tradition of professionalism and integrity, with an ongoing commitment to innovation.

JHB decided to replace its current legacy system with a solution that would enable it to grow its business, foster stronger customer relationships, and work more cost-effectively and efficiently.

David Austin, managing director, JHB, explained: “JHB is outgrowing its existing system so we looked at sourcing a future-proof solution that could take our offering forward. As part of a rigorous selection process we asked companies to provide us with a customised system demonstration.

“Sword Apak offered a robust and innovative solution that closely matched what we wanted from our ‘ideal’ system provider.”

Sword Apak’s proposed solution supports the commercial lending and retail deposits areas of JHB’s business with real-time integration to Hodge Lifetime, JHB’s retirement solutions business.

Mark Elliott, director, Banking Division, Sword Apak (pictured), commented: “As a modern, flexible core banking system with a feature-rich specification, Aurius is ideally placed to meet JHB’s business needs. Our solution enables JHB to launch new products quickly across multiple distribution channels, streamline and automate business processes and procedures using advanced workflow management tools, and extract key data for marketing, analysis and reporting.”

With more than 30 years’ experience as a specialist financial systems supplier, Sword Apak is providing ongoing comprehensive technical and business support for JHB.

Earlier this year JHB signed a significant deal with One Wind Renewables, a Bristol-based company that specialises in single wind turbine development.

The bank funded the construction of a 500-kilowatt turbine on a farm near Holsworthy in Devon. Now fully operational, it generates enough electricity to power around 400 homes.

JHB injected nearly £1million into the £1.25 million project, which also provides an alternative source of income for the land owner under the UK government’s feed-in tariff scheme.
The Cardiff-based bank, which has been active in property development and investment for over 30 years, has taken an interest in the renewable energy market since 2012.