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How new regulations will reshape the future of fleet leasing

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New regulations are reshaping the future of the fleet market and leasing companies will need to adapt to maximise potential growth opportunities.

Factors including new European emissions tests, the introduction of UK clean air zones and a rapid shift away from diesel are among a host of issues that will disrupt the fleet market for years to come.

In response, the International Asset Finance Network is hosting a new briefing on April 4 in London to look at how the future of the fleet market will be reshaped by new regulations.

The IAFN Consumer and Business Auto Finance Regulatory Forum 2019 will deliver insights that help executives from leasing companies to manage the impact of new regulations and legislation and the changes they will bring.

This includes understanding the future balance between fleet and personal leasing as an increasing number of drivers leave their company car scheme and opt for a cash allowance.

The regulatory forum will be held at London’s Hilton Canary Wharf and will feature leading industry speakers, with a focus on important new regulations that are a key source of concern for the industry.

These include:

  • What the Financial Conduct Authority’s investigation into motor finance means for dealers and finance companies
  • The potential impact of the government’s ongoing consultation into company car tax
  • The implications of the shift to WLTP-based emissions taxes
  • Supporting customers following the introduction of Clean Air Zones

Fleet speakers who will cover key fleet topics at the event include:

  • Jo Davis, partner, Locke Lord
  • Steve Cocks, director of the broking division at Lex Autolease
  • Leanne Christmas, head of compliance, Alphabet
  • David Watts, senior consultant at Arval
  • Dan Rees, associate director, Deloitte Car & Mobility Consulting
  • Caroline Sandall, deputy chair, ACFO

In addition to expert speakers, there will also be a panel discussion on the key issues affecting the market and the chance to network with industry colleagues to review the future challenges ahead.

The day also includes presentations on the auto finance market and the vital role car dealers and brokers will play in developing profitable and compliant services.

Edward Peck, co-founder of the International Asset Finance Network, said: “The retail auto and fleet finance markets are facing a series of demanding regulatory and legal challenges.

“This conference will provide the insight and information delegates need to ensure they are well-prepared for future challenges, so they can adapt business strategies to remain compliant and competitive as they drive future growth.”

For details of the IAFN Consumer and Business Auto Finance Regulatory Forum 2019, visit or book a ticket using the form below

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