Gillian Christie to join Brickendon’s new US operation

Gillian Christie

Brickendon, the financial services management and technology consultancy, has appointed Gillian Christie as executive director of its first international office, based in New York.

Brickendon expanded its operations to the US to provide a strategic presence and grow its footprint. Supporting this growth, Christie, who brings over 25 years’ of experience in financial services and consulting, will be responsible for guiding Brickendon through the process of entering the US market and competing against established names in the region.

With considerable knowledge of the financial services sector, an exemplary record of senior management and significant leadership achievements in the US, Christie previously spent four years as a director at Deloitte, before joining Credit Suisse as managing director for five years.

An internationally renowned expert in how technological innovation, regulatory and capital markets changes intersect to shape and guide IT strategy, she will bring “invaluable insights and leading initiative into an area of financial services that will define the sector in the coming

The US will provide a platform for Brickendon to leverage its global expertise and expand its client-base across New York and Boston. Since its establishment in 2010, Brickendon operates with some of the largest global banks, hedge funds and asset managers, growing, on average, by over 200% in size each year.

Christie added: “Brickendon is unique in the extraordinary level of experience all its consultants hold. To be involved in bringing this model of consultancy to the US is an exciting proposition. I am also impressed by Brickendon’s culture of openness, flexibility and commitment towards diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace, demonstrating a bravery not seen enough within this sector.”

“Gillian is formidable both in her expertise and achievements, we are delighted to welcome her to Brickendon,” says Christopher Burke, CEO of Brickendon. “She is an invaluable resource both in her knowledge of digital strategy and technological innovation, and in her understanding of the US market. The lack of women in senior financial management is untenable but Gillian personifies the type of talent and credentials our industry needs more of. I look forward to working closely with Gillian to grow Brickendon’s presence in the US.”

Brickendon was founded in 2010 and consults on a range of areas, and operates with some of the largest global banks, hedge funds and asset managers.   With innovation and talent at its core, all Brickendon’s consultants hold over 10 years’ experience, solving client problems through cutting edge solutions and lateral thinking.

Since inception Brickendon has, on average, grown by over 200% in size each year (or more than doubled in size each year), and has offices based in Canary Wharf, London, Hong Kong and New York.