Fleet Renting selects Bynx to support Mexican mobility strategy

cuenca luis

Mexico-based start-up Fleet Renting has selected Bynx as its technology partner for a new generation of integrated vehicle mobility solutions.

Fleet Renting aims to be one of the first complete and integrated mobility service providers for corporate and private customers in Mexico.

As part of this, it has selected bynxFLEET, along with its rapid implementation service bynxGO, as its dedicated fleet and mobility management platform.

BynxFLEET was selected to underpin Fleet Renting’s business because of its dedicated capability in fleet, vehicle leasing and rental management.

BynxGO delivers a secure, hosted solution in a short timescale compared to traditional implementations.

The full solution provides Fleet Renting with access to the full range of modules, applications, tools and dashboards available within bynxFLEET, without the need to host the solution in-house, which is important for a start-up company as it saves valuable time and money.

Mexico is an emerging market with substantial potential for business growth among a younger audience.

As a result, the company is focusing on total mobility rather than purely financing vehicle acquisition, to reflect changing customer needs.

Fleet Renting’s target customer base is large multinational corporates, including companies in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, energy, food and beverages, with average fleet sizes of 500-1000 vehicles.

Luis Cuenca, managing director of Fleet Renting, said: “Drivers want the freedom of full mobility and it wasn’t being offered two years ago when we started the company.”

Mobility services have become a focus in Mexico after the government acted to address pollution concerns in 2016 by restricting transportation in and out of Mexico City on certain days of the week.

Cuenca said: “It had a big effect on corporates. They were paying for mobility seven-days-a-week but, because of the restrictions, they were only benefiting from two days for business purposes.”

Fleet Renting’s service helps customers to design their fleet requirements, based on vehicle usage, how appropriate a model is to the purpose of the fleet and what other services are needed to offer complete mobility.

The company then offers access to technology to manage the fleet, including telematics, to assist with effective transport planning and vehicle maintenance.

In addition it supports clients with wider mobility services.

Cuenca added: “We engage with third-party mobility providers to offer customers as many options as are available, such as car sharing, car rides, transport schemes, access to alternative modes of transport (eBikes and so on), so drivers are never stuck.

“We chose Bynx because in bynxFLEET we found the SAP of the mobility world. Whereas SAP was developed for manufacturing, bynxFLEET has been designed specifically for fleet and mobility management. It covers the whole process, which would be difficult for us to do using different products. It enables us to provide the right answer to our customers at the right moment.”

The Bynx’ suite of automotive software (bynxFLEET) for fleet management, vehicle leasing, rental administration and control, originated more than 25 years ago in South Africa. It now manages more than 1 million vehicles for customers in 20 countries globally.

Bynx employs around 70 people worldwide and has subsidiary offices in Dubai and Australia, supplemented by development facilities in Australia, India and the UK.