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European Startup Prize for Mobility selects 50 finalists in search for future of urban transport

european startup prize 2019

A unique accelerator scheme that supports startups developing sustainable mobility innovations has named the 50 finalists in its latest programme.

The European Startup Prize for Mobility is a joint venture run by the European Parliament’s Transport and Tourism Committee, Boston Consulting Group and Via ID that invites mobility startups from around Europe to submit ideas for the future of transport.

This year’s launch received 570 applications from across Europe and 10 winners will be chosen to take part in a business accelerator scheme.

During the selection process, each of the 570 entrants was analysed by three experts in mobility and startup organisations. They whittled the selection of prospective winners down to 150 before selecting the finalists.

The final will be hosted Brussels later this year, with nine companies chosen by jury and a tenth chosen by the public on Facebook.

European Startup Prize for Mobility – The 50 finalists are:

Name Country Description
Aipark Germany Provides live parking maps for developers
Alertgasoil France Real-time fuel consumption measurement
Blickfeld Germany Builds LiDAR hardware & software to support autonomous driving
BroadBit Batteries Finland Green battery technology
Cargoroo Netherlands Offers shared cargo bikes for families and businesses
Chargery Germany Service provider for shared urban electric fleets, energy & charging
Citygo France Carpooling for work, urban mobility
Cityscoot France Free-floating, shared electric scooter, urban mobility
Cyclofix France On-demand maintenance service for micromobility devices, urban mobility
dott Netherlands Urban scooters, urban mobility
Ebikelabs France Connected maintenance solution for e-bike sharing, urban mobility
Einride Sweden Autonomous driving, data analytics
Enso Tyres UK Build better tyres for electric vehicles, vehicles & accessories
Everoad France Digital solutions provider, inter-urban & long-distance mobility, logistics & supply chain
Faxi UK Incentivised carpooling for commuters
FretLink France Digitising the organisation of the road transportation industry, logistics & supply chain
Geovelo France Cycling smartphone app
GoodVision Czech Republic Automated traffic data collection from cameras through deep learning AI, data analytics, GPS & tracking
Greenrail Group Italy Railway sleepers that support the circular economy
Hygen Germany Infrastructure for gas-powered cars
Hyper Poland Poland Smart logistics platform
K-Ryole France Electric bike trailers for professionals in urban areas
Karhoo UK Urban mobility marketplace
Kyyti Finland Develops MaaS solutions offering single platform for all mobility solutions
LiveEO Germany Uses satellite imagery to monitor infrastructure from space
Mobiag Portugal Provides tools to manage and scale shared mobility services
Mobit Belgium IoT startup offering bike fleet management using smart lock, GPS & tracking
Moovee Luxembourg Shared fleet management for companies, ranging from car-sharing to scooters
Muving Torrot Spain Electric scooter manufacturer
Mvmant Germany Supports mobility through dispatching of vehicles managed by predictive algorithms and by smartphone app-based requests
Ono (Tretbox) Germany Pedal-assisted urban cargo carrier
OpenAirlines France Solutions to help airlines reduce costs and CO2 emission
OpenDataSoft France Simplifies the publishing and processing of smart city data
Padam France Software for on-demand transport services and public transport Finland Technology-agnostic platform for developers that combines all major mobile positioning technologies under one umbrella
Qucit France Uses artificial intelligence to understand the link between urban design and its impact on people’s behaviour
Ryd Germany Data analytics
Rydies Germany Platform and B2B marketplace for cycling-related services
Scooty sharing Belgium Electric scooter-sharing service
Shotl Spain Real-time mobility platform
TeleRetail Germany Artificial intelligence-powered software to support urban logistics
TransWay_fr France Urban mobility solutions provider including points-based rewards system
Twaice Germany Battery analytics to help increase reliability and operating cycle
Unicorn Scooters Lithuania Shared electric scooter service
UrmO Germany Standing platform on wheels for powered urban mobility
Valerann UK Data provider that helps support connected, autonomous vehicles
WheelizTeam France Peer-to-peer wheelchair accessible car rental
XeeTeam France Central platform to collect and analyse mobility data
Zeleros Hyperloop Spain Developing hyperloop systems designed to move passengers at up to 1000kmh through tube networks
Zify France Carpooling app for urban commuters