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Europcar Mobility Group launches medium-term lease for brokers

forsythe clive 400

Europcar Mobility Group has launched a medium-term lease product known as Flex+ for Business in the UK.

Available to broker members of the Leasing Broker Federation, it offers new vehicles on three-month-plus contracts including maintenance at a fixed rate and is designed for fleets keen to avoid long-term commitments, as the company claimed there were “no long-term contracts to sign”.

Vehicles are available with four mileage options of between 1,000 to 2,800 miles per 28 days.

“To face the new economic challenges we’re all currently experiencing, UK businesses need to work with supply partners who can be flexible enough to understand the commercial issues they face and provide a bespoke solution,” said Clive Forsythe, the organisation’s UK sales and marketing director.

“Our customers, and now the customers of Leasing Broker Federation members, can reap all of the benefits Flex+ has to offer, including competitive rental rates, no deposits or up-front payments and just a three-month minimum commitment.”

“During this continued period of uncertainty, brokers have experienced more demand for shorter term solutions from businesses as well as consumers,” added the Leasing Broker Federation relationships director, Graham Prince, “this now… enables them to continue to offer a ‘one stop shop’ solution.”