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DF Capital partners with Victory Leisure Homes to drive growth

Victory Lounge 1

DF Capital has announced that it has partnered with holiday home and lodge manufacturer, Victory Leisure Homes, to help it grow its business.

Based in Yorkshire, Victory Leisure Homes has been crafting holiday homes and lodges for over a decade, creating inspiring spaces for holidaymakers across the UK and Ireland. Victory uses cutting-edge technology and the best materials to create innovative accommodation that can be enjoyed by families year after year.

Founded in 2009, the business is expanding rapidly and has trebled production in two years and sits comfortably as one of the market leaders for static holiday homes and lodges in the UK. Victory opened its second 200,000 square foot facility in late 2021 to cope with the demand for its unique and modern model range and doesn’t want to settle there.

DF Capital was approached to help support this growth and help facilitate the increased number of sales. Victory needed a flexible funding solution which ensures certainty of cashflow at the same time as providing value to the park operators it works with.

The team at DF Capital structured an inventory finance floorplan package whereby Victory is paid upon delivery of the homes to the holiday parks, with the parks then paying DF Capital upon final sale to their customer.

This enables Victory to take orders with certainty of full repayment upon the manufacturing process being completed; reducing risk, freeing up cashflow, and time. In addition, these facilities will enable the parks to order units with knowledge of guaranteed funding, thus protecting margin and allowing them to have confidence to order more. A higher overall order book, with structured delivery enables improved margin and sales throughout the distribution channel.

Ian Martin, managing director of leisure at DF Capital, said: “We have established a strong partnership between DF Capital, Victory Leisure Homes, and the holiday parks they work with. We now have over 40 parks on board, with conversations continuing with another 20 at the moment. It’s great working with Victory – everything is very transparent – we know exactly what is happening when and what is needed which means we are able to anticipate what is needed at every point of the journey. We look forward to seeing the business grow.”

Jamie Kirk, commercial director at Victory Leisure Homes commented: “DF Capital is helping us to improve our working capital management and grow the business whilst giving our customers a solution that reduces their capital outlay and solves the cashflow gap between paying us, and them being paid. Working with the bank has been eye opening – the team has impressive industry knowledge and the whole process has been quick – within four hours of getting the information to them, we had our first unit funded. It’s full speed ahead from now on!”