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CSI Leasing open subsidiaries in Hungary and Austria

CSI Leasing Co managers Ivana Kundratova and Patryk Olszewski

CSI Leasing, Inc. (CSI) has established two new subsidiaries in Europe – CSI Leasing Hungary Kft. in Budapest and CSI Leasing Austria GmbH in Vienna.

The new entities were established in response to CSI’s growing international operations and will immediately begin servicing the company’s existing portfolio of global customers while also seeking lease opportunities with local organisations.

Ivana Kundratova and Patryk Olszewski (pictured) will be co-managing directors for both subsidiaries. Ivana has been with CSI Slovakia for nearly six years, most recently as operations team lead, while Patryk has been with CSI for more than eight years, most recently as finance director for CSI’s subsidiaries in Czech Republic and Slovakia.

“Our presence in Hungary and Austria is a strategic and natural progression in CSI Leasing’s growth agenda. Leveraging our strengths, we are well-positioned to offer unique leasing solutions tailored to the diverse needs of enterprises in these regions, tapping into a market with significant potential,” said Martin Kardos, managing director for CSI in Central and Eastern Europe.

Olszewski added, “With the inauguration of CSI Leasing Hungary Kft. and CSI Leasing Austria GmbH, we are broadening our horizons to better serve our existing clients while paving the way for new collaborations.”

Furthermore, Kundratova noted, “The potential in Hungary and Austria is substantial, and we are eager to foster growth through innovative and flexible leasing structures, providing a solid foundation for businesses in these markets.”