Christophe Duprat assumes Automotive Steering Group chair at Leaseurope as John Lewis retires

Duprat christophe

Leaseurope has appointed Christophe Duprat as the new chair of its Automotive Steering Group (ASG).

The ASG is responsible for developing arguments and positions on EU regulatory and legislative issues in the automotive sector. It is supported in its work by sector-specific working groups, namely the Car Rental Working Group, the Car Leasing Working Group and the Truck Rental Working Group.

Duprat, on the occasion of the first meeting of the ASG under his chairmanship on June 18, stressed: “The ASG has a crucial mission in explaining to European institutions and policy makers the true role played by leasing and renting industry, from positive environmental impact to introduction of early stage powertrain technologies and mobility concepts throughout Europe.

“Leasing and renting already contribute to the high efficiency of European industries and will play an increasing role in our society where asset ownership becomes secondary while new ways of moving around are being successfully developed. The ASG, together with its working groups, represents a unique and extensive sum of experience which can be used to the benefit of our transforming society.”

Duprat, a French national, is currently director of strategy at ALD International, in the vehicle leasing and fleet management business line of Societe Generale; as such, he is especially in charge of innovation and prospective development.

An engineer and a graduate of HEC Management School (2000), he joined ALD International in 2006 after six years of strategy and management consulting.

He added: “The ASG has had positive results on a number of files during these past years. Environmental and security issues remain important topics but recent technology developments require strong and clear positions when it comes to vehicle data generation and driver privacy protection. I am proud to lead this group for the next two years, being confident that together with Leaseurope member associations and industry players, we will further strengthen the European representation of our industries.”

Duprat is taking over from John Lewis who is retiring from the industry.

“I would like to thank John for his efficient chairmanship, continuous and communicative engagement, always calling for action. John’s footprint is enormous not only in the UK leasing industry but also at European level and will be so for a long time.”