Chief Information Officers increase their investment in mobile devices as NetSol’s whitepaper acts as beacon for mobility revolution


The global mobility revolution is well underway and long past its tipping point.

Indeed it is rapidly gaining momentum as automotive customers widely adopt the technology and leave behind their conventional desktops.

Auto finance stakeholders increasingly use mobility extensively in their personal lives – and now, as they come to realize the immense potential of enterprise-grade mobility solutions in professional setups, the demand for it is increasing exponentially.

When McKinsey surveyed 250 chief information officers (CIO) on their mobility strategies, some 56% reported that there was strong demand from employees to support a wide range of mobile devices. Indeed 77% of CIO respondents were planning to allow staff to use personal mobile devices to access company data and applications. Almost all the CIOs said they expected to deploy more than 25 mobility applications in the next two years.

Chief information officers are no strangers to change. Mainframes, personal computing, and the Internet have all transformed the world of business technology for both enterprises and technology vendors. Now, CIOs obviously see the next disruption coming from current mobility revolution.

Fawad Fasih Ghauri, Head of Enterprise Mobility, NetSol Technologies explained:  “With nearly 1.3 billion mobile workers in existence today and the number estimated to grow considerably in the coming years, the appeal of having the ability to carry out full spectrum finance and leasing activates on the go is great.

“NetSol’s informative new whitepaper (see below) serves as an instructive guide for any auto finance and leasing stakeholder, especially funders, giving insightful facts and figures and identifying future trends.”

Innovations in the mobility domain are happening at a frenetic pace and on many fronts, including hardware, software and communications technology. New categories and subcategories are being introduced every few months, for example, enterprise-focused tablets, 3G and 4G technologies and unique new software and applications, cumulatively offering a new set of uses and opportunities.

Indeed, NetSol Technologies believes that enterprise IT is on the brink of a revolution that promises to boost auto finance productivity by expanding office functionality beyond the brick-and-mortar location. There are ample opportunities; however, cost, governance, and security challenges must also be addressed.

Learn more by downloading the NetSol Technologies report: Enterprise Mobility: Putting Auto Finance Funders into the Driving Seat