Cascade model for vehicle disposals gains popularity

Gardner vicky 400

Wider use of automated systems is increasing demand for cascade models in vehicle remarketing, according to software platform epyx.

The model gives fleets a structured sales approach to disposing of a vehicle, ‘cascading’ it from one sales channel to another over time to ensure a smooth process to unlock funds tied up in the vehicle.

For example, it may start with a fixed price sale online for dealers, then switch to a general online sale, before moving to physical auction.

Vicky Gardner, head of remarketing at epyx, said: “The cascade model has been around for some time but we have seen it gain definite momentum in the last year.

“A lot of this is based on the large amounts of information that are now available regarding disposal results for different channels.

“The degree of granularity of this information plus its timeliness make it extraordinarily useful to managers disposing of vehicles.

“There are now many sources of good quality data available and one of the things we try to do is help managers to make sense of this data and apply it to their disposal strategies.”

Epyx provides the 1link Disposal Network as part of a portfolio of software platform, which include a service to offer trade stock from leasing companies and motor manufacturers to the trade.

The business is owned by Fleetcor Technologies, a global provider of commercial payment solutions, which also owns Allstar, the UK’s most popular fuel card used by more than 35,000 businesses and 1.1 million drivers.