Bynx at the forefront as it revamps mobile and online capability in bynxFLEET

jeffries gary1

Bynx has revealed details of enhanced capability within its flagship product bynxFLEET in the areas of mobile and online potential.

Gary Jefferies, sales and marketing director at Bynx (pictured above) said that bynxNET delivers web-based functionality that enables fleet-based customers to cut costs, streamline business processes and strengthen their own customer service.

Elements such as: quotations, vehicle procurement, maintenance, accident management and short-term vehicle rental can all benefit from being brought online with bynxNET.

It also enables Bynx’ customers to provide a branded portal for their own clients to have access to these (and more) services. There is also a broker application within the products that vastly extends the sales reach while lowering costs for vehicle leasing companies.

Jefferies explained: “bynxMOBILE boosts service levels and delivers a greatly improved customer experience by capturing and revealing relevant transactional processing data. This then enables real-time information to be delivered remotely.  Applications available within bynxMOBILE include: on-demand Odometer capture, vehicle inspection, vehicle movement, rental reservation, driver timesheet logging alongside passenger scheduling updates (applicable to passenger transport companies).”

He added: “Vehicle management is becoming less about vehicles and more about customer service, convenience, cost-cutting and mobility. bynxFLEET has always supported the first three and we introduced online capability back in 2008. Mobile is the next big enabler.

“People expect to be able to interact with businesses via mobile devices, so giving our customers technology to augment that is important. Plus, there are key advantages to be gained from expediting the use of mobile devices in the business of fleet management and we’re at the forefront of that.”

Bynx’ suite of automotive software for contract hire, fleet management and vehicle rental originated some 25 years ago and now manages over 885,000 vehicles globally for utility and leasing companies. The company employs around 70 people worldwide and has subsidiary offices in the US, and Australia. Its head office is in Warwickshire, England.