AVIS Fleet Services Ireland selects bynxFLEET software

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AVIS Fleet Services Ireland has become the latest customer of fleet management software provider Bynx to implement bynxFLEET across its entire operation.

Part of the long-established and family-run Denis Mahony Group, AVIS Fleet Services Ireland became AVIS Ireland’s licensee in 1991.

bynxFLEET replaced an incumbent system, in place for 10 years, which was limiting corporate growth. It had never been upgraded and wasn’t integrated with any other elements of the business or financial and operational aspects. Information silos had developed alongside inefficiency and high cost.

Brian Tobin, financial accountant/director of AVIS Fleet Services, explained: “We were losing out to larger competitors in tenders because of the limitations of our technology. The market in Ireland has become far more competitive. There is less business to be had and motoring costs have soared.

“We’ve put ourselves at the forefront of finding ways to reduce the costs and risks associated with vehicle ownership but our technology was letting us down.”

bynxFLEET offers a single, unified solution for day-to-day operations. It consists of a database engine, financial reporting platform and suite of modules and applications covering all elements of the business of fleet operation and vehicle leasing. Applications within the product cover everything from prospecting and quotations to maintenance workshops, terminations and vehicle disposal. All assets can be managed, not just cars, drivers and customer contracts as well.

Streamlined operation

For AVIS Fleet Services, the new system is reducing the complexities associated with running fleets, automating much of the work and supporting significant cost cutting. A streamlined operation is a more competitive one. It can deliver enhanced customer service, reduced risk and enable new products and services to be launched quickly.

Tobin adds: “The new system is enabling us to be more agile and competitive. We are not limited by a lack of functionality and that means we can tender more zealously for high value business that will keep our company healthy, enable us to grow and take on more staff.”

Gary Jefferies, sales and marketing director at Bynx, (pictured) points out: “We were impressed with AVIS’s focus on customer service and the value they place in their people, their customers and providing excellent service.”

He added: “A staged approach has been applied to implementation. Firstly, all details such as new prices and supporting information about AVIS’s entire fleet (including over 150 different models) have been entered into the system, along with driver, customer and contract details. This was all done to ensure data accuracy. Then the financial management and reporting was set up. The next stage is to go online.”

A sister product to bynxFLEET is bynxNET, which will enable AVIS Fleet Services to provide web portals and online access for customers, drivers and other stakeholders.

This will allow the company to increase its product portfolio, strengthen service levels and enhance customer experience while further reducing costs.

Tobin points out: “This is the way the world is going, customers demand and indeed expect to interact with us online and through mobile devices. They want to be able to access information about their own vehicles, account, contract, and so on, at a time and place convenient to them. We are very excited by this next phase which will give us a serious competitive advantage.”