Autofutura establishes an Australia business base

bennett paul

Autofutura, the UK-based specialist provider of global data management software and consultancy to automotive financiers and OEM’s has opened an office in Australia.

The company aims to extend its delivery of SaaS (software as a service) products to global ‘blue-chip’ customers, who seek to make informed strategic decisions and manage their business more effectively.

The combined fleet size of customers that Autofutura serve in the UK alone, is in excess of two million vehicles.

Autofutura’s CEO, Kim Sandom explained that the company’s newest SaaS product, ‘Portfolio 3 Sixty’ is an award winning sales acceleration and retention solution.

He said: “Deployed by leading OEM’s and financiers, ‘Portfolio 3 Sixty’ sits within Autofutura’s multi lingual software platform and has been designed to operate across all major automotive markets globally.

“The intelligent use of data to accelerate vehicle sales and increase customer retention is a key factor in ensuring that our clients keep a step ahead of their competitors. ‘Portfolio 3 Sixty’ is an innovative business tool that delivers many unique features and provides a robust cost effective foundation to support profitable and sustainable growth in market share”.

Director of Business Development, Paul Bennett (pictured above) has considerable experience in auto finance across Asia Pacific. He said: “in order to satisfy AF’s growth aspirations over the next five years, we have invested heavily across a number of areas within the business at head office.

“Now that this phase is complete we are physically positioning ourselves where the opportunity for growth and demand for our solutions is highest, APAC (Asia & Pacific). Australia provides us with the perfect business environment and proximity to the wider region to allow us to do just that. In so doing we will be best placed to serve clients locally as well as being agile in our approach to serving clients in China.

“The latter is led by the insatiable demand from financiers and national sales companies to onward develop the sophistication of their approach to enhanced customer management in what has been a fast-evolving auto finance environment.”

Andrew Sinclair country director Australia & New Zealand has significant automotive experience gained over a long career in the fleet and finance sectors. He said. “Having worked closely with Bennett for a number of years on various projects, I feel certain that that ‘Portfolio 3 Sixty’ together with the broader range of data solutions that Autofutura is introducing to Australia and the region will be a real game changer.”

Autofutura allows data to be managed more intelligently, efficiently and effectively, resulting on the one hand in accelerating vehicle sales for OEM’s and their financiers. And on the other, mitigating risk for financiers involved in the leasing and daily rental sectors, and or who write residual value retail paper.