Alta Group hires GE’s Valerie Pagliaro

pagliaro valerie

The Alta Group consultancy has appointed Valerie Pagliaro, an executive with expertise in pricing analytics and financial planning in the equipment leasing industry, to the post of director.

Pagliaro spent 25 years at GE Capital and its subsidiaries, playing a leadership role in mergers and acquisitions, financial and pricing analytics and structuring and negotiating deals across the US and Europe.

In her most recent role at GE Capital, Pagliaro directed the financial analysis and modeling for an equipment leasing and inventory finance disposition of more than $35 billion, which was one of the largest individual transactions within GE’s wind-down of this division.

During her time with the company, Pagliaro held executive-level finance positions at a variety of business units in the US and Europe, including the positions of CFO and manager of finance for mergers and acquisitions for GE Capital Vendor Financial Services. As an analyst at GE Capital Auto Financial Services in London, she worked on acquisitions across Europe.

Valerie Gerard, managing director and leader of Alta’s management consulting practice, said: “She brings a wealth of experience and industry knowledge to our management consulting team and will provide fresh insight to Alta’s other practices as well.”