Alfa – Innovation in Implementation Issue 3


Leading asset and auto finance technology provider Alfa has announced the third paper in its Innovation in Implementation series focusing on best practice in systems integration.

The third article, Integration – Leveraging the Power of an Open Platform, discusses how best to approach the integration aspect of a systems transformation project, including the prioritisation of features and portfolios, aligning the various teams, understanding the data, and designing integrations that are easy to build, change and maintain.

Miro Torma, a project manager with Alfa and co-author of the paper, said: “Modernising your core platform can disrupt point-to-point integrations, which may have been developed over many years. It follows that their reimplementation, with all functionality retained or improved upon, is a key project challenge. Leveraging the Power of an Open Platform can not only help other implementers through that challenge, but also ready them for longer-term success.”

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