Equipment Finance Webcast

Webcast with former chief exec of SGEF


Managing change in equipment finance: tech transformation and ecosystems that deliver sustainable solutions

Tuesday 18th June 2024 UK: 15.00 ; EU 16.00 1 hour

In association with FIS


  • Jochen Jehmlich, former CEO of SGEF
  • Murad Baig, head of asset and auto finance vertical at FIS

Jochen Jehmlich, former CEO of SGEF talks with Murad Baig, head of asset and auto finance vertical at FIS about the challenge of managing transformational change in a traditional equipment finance provider.

  • Emerging technologies – how AI can revolutionise equipment finance and its long-term potential in servitisation, digitalisation and maximising lifetime value of assets.
  • The path to circular economy – why the asset finance industry should focus first on funding green assets; and then on delivering next-generation market-changing circular economy solutions through ecosystems.
  • Managing change – the role of leadership in evolving people, process and products that meet future market needs, and maximise both customer and asset lifetime value.

AFC webcast moderated by John Rees, head of equipment finance which considers lenders’ next steps in preparing their businesses for an emerging future which is radically different. A traditional lenders’ view on how to make money during the transition and a technologists view of how to prepare your businesses for a tech-dominated future.